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Development stages of Manual testing, Test case, Automation

Testing Capability vs Product Complexity

testing capability

Your team with test case

  • - Enable developers to do the core testing
  • - Get the functional and regression issues as fast as possible on every push.
  • - Run fast and successful sprint
  • - Reduce customer complaints
  • - Test Across Multiple Locations
  • - Aid collaboration between teams

How to add test case? Here is a test case template

PM, Developer/tester team can write it easily. See the format below

Most simplest format

Testcase Title

To verify UI of Tester Hub_UI


Click on the replay button on one of the conversation displayed.


A text field should be opened in order to replay to a conversation.


36 min back

Tom Christopher

Level 7

Automation scripts vs test case maintenance

Automation Script design or 99tests test Case tool is better?

Automtion Script Design

  • Need an expert automation engineer to write and manage the tools
  • Its not possible to write the scripts for all the scenarios
  • More script coverage means an exponential increase in the creation cost.
  • Need to integrate device farms to choose more devices to test & Browser stack to test in more browsers.
  • No human integelence in the test result. Not even feedback feature

Test Case Maintenance

  • All your developers or new testers can start writing the test cases in plain English. It is the simplest format.
  • Since the test is writing in the plain English, you can cover any complex scenarios.
  • There is not much expense to create the test cases, you can write up to 100 test cases in 30 min time.
  • Using professional crowd testers to test, So we are considering the real devices and browsers.
  • Using professional crowd testers to test, So we are considering the real devices and browsers.

Supporting Browsers and Platforms

Supporting Browser & Platforms

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